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We recognise that it’s our responsibility as an industry to take the COVID-19 precautionary measures extremely seriously, for the continued welfare of our guests & staff.

As a small, family-owned restaurant that is responsible for the employment of 20 staff members, we will remain open for business until further notice.

We’ve put the following measures in place so that guests who choose to dine with us can feel assured that they are as safe as possible from the potential risk of infection:

We have limited bookings to 50 pax per night & have arranged tables to allow for more space between diners.

Menus offered to guests will be discarded after each use to avoid possible contamination.

We will continue to implement our existing, stringent hygiene protocols, & new safety measures have been added to mitigate further risk, including the immersion of all cookware, crockery & cutlery into food-safe sanitiser designed for sterilisation of cooking utensils.

All surfaces such as tables, chairs, door handles etc. will be frequently disinfected.

We have placed hand sanitiser at the entrance of the restaurant as well as single-use sterile latex gloves for your convenience. Masks will be made available to clientele should they require. All the hand soap used in the Restaurant is already anti-bacterial

Be proactive, we urge all guests to follow the Control & Prevention protocols (no handshakes/hugging/touching of the face and practising frequent handwashing etc.)

With regard to liquor sales restrictions, we fully comply with regulations so please make sure you are up to date with the applicable lockdown level restrictions.

Those who wish to postpone their bookings to a future date may do so, while those who decide to cancel their bookings will receive a full refund on their deposit. If a future cancellation is made less than 24 hours ahead of the scheduled date, our normal cancellation policy will apply. Please email us for more information.

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