Mother’s day Tapas

Bread plate

Stok brood, soft pretzel

Milk and honey espuma, Sauvignon vino cotta butter

1st Course

Mung bean noodle, sweet-sour ponzu, prawns, puffed black rice, chilli

Salted cream panna cotta, roasted and pickled tomato, charred aubergine

2nd Course

Seared scallop, carrot, quince

Puffed sago, yellowfin tuna tartare, mango atchar, jalapeno

3rd Course

Lightly smoked duck breast, beetroot dauphinoise, red cabbage, gluwein puree

Pork belly pressé, apple, pomegranate, parsley, plum, crackling, pickled mustard, sherry

Jerusalem artichoke and Huguenot pithivier, mustard salad

4th Course

Double ferment dark chocolate mousse, noisette crumb, muscovado


A discretionary 12% service fee to be added to the bill

Please note that the menu is subject to change due to the availability




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